esfera y R de Torres (2)

Children workshop. Art intervention in a public space. Real Círculo de la Amistad de Córdoba.

Art workshop for children at Real Círculo de la Amistad. Córdoba, The main entrance of an iconic ancient building in the city was the stage for a collective art intervention workshop .  We worked around the idea of those longings, those   dreams we all wish we could carry on one day,  based on that, we created a series  of individual pieces of art which at the end would be put together to prouce an art intervention in the main entrance and staris of the building.  Each child had a boulder where they drew individually some of their desires and express themselves writing or drawing whatever they felt like on its surface. Afterwards, we tie a fishing line from the boulder to a silver helium hinflated balloon. Finally we put all the pieces together and fill the space creating a huge 3D art composition in a perfect dialogue between contemporaneity, history and tradition. This workshop was made in colaboration with Carmen del Campo´s Art Gallery, in Córdoba.

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